A company dedicated to one passion : car racing

A company dedicated to one passion : car racing
    1983 was my first racing season, 2003 my first Dakar. 20 years during which I raced on the most beautiful circuits of the world, in almost every discipline: one-seater, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Indianapolis 500-Mile race, DTM, Porsche Cup, and also ice-racing with the Andros trophy and the 24 Hours of Chamonix. 20 years that allowed me to work with the best teams and the best car manufacturers (Abarth Alfa Romeo, Chrysler ORECA, Ford, BMW, Audi ROC, Aixam Mega). 20 years of beautiful experiences, of extreme sensations and feelings: joy and sadness, victory and defeat, satisfaction and frustration. 20 years fully appreciated. And yet, something was missing…
    I felt I had come full circle, when in 2003 I discovered the rally-raid. I could not express with words what I experienced during this first Dakar. At the age of forty, I was one more time a beginner, discovering and learning enthusiastically everything again: improvisation, driving with only with visual resolution, all those miles in line every day on this incredible variety of grounds.

    As I was used to circuits, I never thought that one day, I would want to slow down to enjoy the landscape! Desert is the most beautiful circuit, it is the one you will never know by heart, the one that always will surprise you, the one you will never get bored of…
    Then comes the desire to start all over again, to return to the past, to my youth and to the early stages of my career and to work on those cars I dreamt of as a child. Whether in rally or on circuit, passion is there. True passion, of those who have nothing to prove, just those car racing lovers and the cars that they love.

    Building our prototypes for the Dakar trained us to all the professions of car manufacturing.
    Building, reconstructing, maintaining or adjusting historic racing cars has now become a serious branch of the activities of SMG Company.

A company dedicated to one passion : car racing

Team presentation

A company dedicated to one passion : car racing
Founded in 1997 by Philippe Gache, professional racing driver since 1983, SMG is a professional and independent racing team which succeeded in meeting all the faced challenges. This is so mainly thanks to a huge team-spirit and to a strong will of constantly progressing. 

Over the past few years, and in any motorsports, or on any ground, the SMG geniuses have been conceiving mechanical marvels. This is why, building and driving their cars always generates an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Whether on ice, on asphalt or on gravel, the SMG team has always been able to adapt to win the race.

Five participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans on R&S Ford and Courage, the Pikes Peak race (first category Open 1999-2001), icing races (IRSI 2000 World Champion and 2001 Vice-Champion, 1998 Trophy Andros winner and third in 1999), four victories in the 2002 Super-tourism Championship.

"Everywhere SMG goes, SMG wins…"

Settled in the South-East of France in new 3000 m² High-Tech premises, SMG equipped itself to constantly conceive, build and develop their own 2WD rally-raid prototypes. Gathering all the motorsports professions and investing in the latest CAD/CAM technologies, the team has been able to grow relying on its years of experience.

This year again, SMG won the 2WD category in the 2012 Dakar with the 7th rank in the general classification for the first car.

The company employs year-round about fifteen people who represent numerous professions such as mechanics, boiler making, coach-building, plastics manufacturing or engineering.

Our premises

A company dedicated to one passion : car racing
SMG conceive, develops and builds prototypes dedicated to rally-raid.

In addition, the team also ensures the preparation, the maintaining and the restoration of any kind of racing car.

In order to offer a high-quality service, the team uses appropriate and fully equipped premises, which cover two1500m² floors.

The ground-floor contains the coach-building, with the possibility to create any composite part, and chassis, thanks to the boiler-making shop.

The first floor is dedicated to, on one hand, the design office and on the other hand to all the phases of reassembly and preparation.

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