Back to Classic…

Back to Classic…
After winning the 2011 and 2012 editions, Philippe Gache was one of the biggest challengers for his favourite event, the 13th Tour de Corse Historique.

Unfortunately, he had to cancel the event due to professional reasons.

Unable to be on the starting line last year, Eric Clément will then represent the SMG Team with a brand new Porsche 911 RSR.

Handsome and bestial, the gorgeous German car is ready to do the show.

Eric discovers the car and the asphalt races at the same time, and to make matters worse, the start will be given at night.

He handled it quite well signing the 11th time in the SS3 but he soon was forced to withdraw despite being 20th.

Experience worth repeating…
Pierre Carestia was also on the roads of the Tour as an opener with a genuine Lancia Delta HF Integrale Group A sporting the Martini Racing colours.

Back to Classic…
Enough to remind us of some great work done by someone named Yves Loubet on his land.

Back to Classic…
Last weekend, Phillipe Gache was participating in the first Rally VHC Terre de Vaucluse with the Mazda RX7.

Because of lack of time, the car and its driver were not really prepared. 

The number of entrants was not too high but some very good drivers were there, among them Pedro the Italian and his Lancia 037.

Helped by his co-driver Dominque Savignoni the Corsican, Philippe is efficient from the beginning and signs the first fastest time.

He takes the lead and keeps the position all the first stage long signing four fastest times out of six. A very good performance despite a standard drive axle with its too long gears.

Sunday morning, there are only four special stages left to run. Four too many! The bevel gear breaks in the SS7 and the race stops there.

We will certainly have to wait for the next Historic Rally of Morocco to watch the Mazda performing.

Friday, November 15th 2013

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