Leg 10 : goal Top 10!

Wednesday 14 th January - Leg 10 : Calama - Salta
Back to Argentina for a day qualified as "a transition one" by Ronan Chabot. 
In fact, it was difficult to dig the gaps on this stage..
The first part of these 358 km was narrow, not good for the Buggy.

This track was used by the trucks as well and it was impossible to overtake... So waiting was the only possibility!
What came next was much nicer and more fun for the crew, with fast laces.
The enthusiasm of the Argentineans remain the same and they were a huge crowd of fans waiting for the competitors at Salta.
Still leading the 2 wheel drive category Ronan and Gilles now want to re-enter the Top 10.

Ranked 11th tonight, they're close to their goal.

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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Thursday, January 29th 2015 - 21:49 Top 10, winner in 2 wheel drive, they've made it!

Thursday, January 29th 2015 - 21:46 Leg 12 : one single aim, making it to the finish!