Leg 11 : we're getting close!

Thursday 15th January - Leg 11 : Salta - Termas Rio Hondo
The race is getting close to the finish, but Buenos Aires is still far.
Today's stage was pretty short, with its 194 km, with lots of spectators all along the track.
It was kind of a WRC stage. The track was nice for driving skills, even if some parts were not made for 2 wheel drive.
When getting at the same level as the preceding competitors, it was once again hard for the buggy to overtake on these dusty and narrow tracks.
The gaps are small at the finish, Ronan et Gilles being 23rd, only 7' after the leader.
Alrajhi who was occupying a brillant 3rd position had to retire due to the death of his engine... So the SMG buggy is re-entering the Top 10 and keeps the head of the 2 wheel drive category.
This is a fact, machines and men are tired. The first challenge now is to reach the finish.
The whole team are doing their best to remain concentrated... Buenos Aires is at the end of the road!

Leg 11 : we're getting close!

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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