Leg 12 : one single aim, making it to the finish!

Friday 16th January - Leg 12 : Termas Rio Hondo  Rosario
A vrey long leg of 1024 km, with 298 of special stage. This is the schedule of the penultimate day.

Ronan and Gilles have spent more than 13 hours in their Buggy to reach Rosario at nightfall.
On the special, one more there was more to be lost than won tody, with a twisty track in vegetation, on a very slippery ground.
It's not time to perform anymore. Goal : keeping the same ranking and going back to Buenos Aires. 
Ahead on its follower, Stéphane Peterhansel, with more than 35 minutes, The SMG buggy has done his job on the day before the finish.
The 2 wheel drive victory seems to be gained!

Leg 12 : one single aim, making it to the finish!

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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Thursday, January 29th 2015 - 21:49 Top 10, winner in 2 wheel drive, they've made it!

Thursday, January 29th 2015 - 21:43 Leg 11 : we're getting close!