Leg 4 : Dunes at last!

Wednesday 7th January - Leg 4 : Chilecito - Copiapo
Ronan Chabot and Gilles Pillot were expecting dunes impatiently, as it is their favourite playground!
Before entering the sandy part at the finish of the stage, close to Copiapo, they had to drive a long section across the Andes, where the highest spot was at 4.800m.
Not less than 12 hours spent in the car today !
In the first sector of the 315 km special stage, the PRB Opteven SMG crew chose to be cautious and regular to attack, once in the sand.
Their strategy paid back ! The SMG buggy and its crew, still as sharp on this ground, are entering Chile at the remarkable 7th rank.

Ronan and Gilles are now 10th overall and leading the 2 whell drive category.

Leg 4 : Dunes at last!

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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