Leg 7 : Marathon men in the turmoil

Saturday 10th January - Leg 7 : Iquique - Uyuni
The Dakar 2015's adventurers were not expecting such weather conditions on their first marathon day.
In addition to the opppressing altitude, competitors have had to face huge storms which turned the track into a watercourse. 
2 wheel drive in the mud, you can figure out... Ronan Chabot admitted : "we were in a survival mode!"
It's not possible to look after a good time in such a situation. The goal for the crew was mainly to save the car, even more because they had to do their service and cleaning by themselves!

So, the Bugg lost half an hour and is doing the 18th time of the day. Ronan and Gilles are 10th overall.
The 321 km of special stage were leading the rally to Boliva where they've had an exceptional welcome.  The "aficionados" crowd showed great enthusiasm and hospitality which touched the competitors. The President Evo Moralès himself welcomed some competitors, among which our favorite crew!
Second part of the Marathon on Sunday... To be followed...

Leg 7 : Marathon men in the turmoil

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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