Leg 8 : still in the Top 10!

Sunday 11th January - Leg 8 : Uyuni - Iquique
A start in line to launch this 8th racing day, with an freaky route.
The cars were launched by groups of 5 on the magnificient salty lake, that's extending out of sight.
The start was very fast for the Buggy, which suddendly stopped after the explosion of the left rear tyre... Ronan and Gilles thus lose 8 minutes...
The start of the leg was on a flat white terrain, but was followed was much different.

After a very high pass in the Andes and the neutralisation, the 800 m high sand mountain was waiting for the crews.
Thrills guarantedd with the amazing descent towards Iquique. Once the crest passed, the pilot of the buggy 320 cut the brains : 2 minutes, maximum speed! A very impressive sector.
On a results point of view : 17th of the day and same position in the Top 10 before a deserved rest day.
It's now up to the mechanics to go back to work, to make the buggy as new for the second week.

Leg 8 : still in the Top 10!

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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