Leg 9 : reward after a bad day

Tuesday 13th January - Leg 9 : Iquique - Calama
Ronan Chabot had decided to increase the level on the 450 km of special stage of the day, to realise a good time from the start in the dunes of Iquique.
If there has been a performance, it's been an other one....
After only 25 km, no more steering powe, impossible to turn the steering wheel.
Goods news, Ronan and Gilles have the spare part and try to become mechanics. They win their bet and the Buggy is re-starting, after an hour, to fight against sand and fesh-fesh.
Gardening, overtakings, tough ground... whatever, the SMG Buggy finally reaches Calama.
Tired of this day, which was for them the toughest of the race, the crew realise that the problems have affected everyone. 

However n°320 is back at the head of the 2 wheel drive classification.
A Dakar is being played up to the very end...

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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