Stage 4: hanging on !

Stage 4: hanging on !
This morning we left Merzouga without thinking that we would find rain and cold in Ifrane. It is a total change of scenery switching from the dunes to the cedars in the same day!

What a good idea it was to change the oil of the locked differential yesterday night! There were no signs so far but it was to die soon…

After some work the previous differential is back. But the ratios are not the same any more, they are definitely longer on this one.

The timed sections are not the same either, no fastest time today. The crew Gache/Rivière ensures the ranking, swinging back and forth between the second and the third times in each of the 4 special stages.

Quite a fright this morning before to start the second special stage. A carburetor needle remained open and flooded the engine preventing the RX7 from starting again. The crew lost a few minutes and got a penalty, but fortunately there is no consequences in the race classification.

The efforts to make the Mazda more reliable seem to finally be successful. But there is still 2 days of race to run and the outcome is never certain.

Claude Ruiz-Picasso and Benoit Couturier keep on going and are now 39th with their Porsche 911 SMG, which never had a problem.

Tomorrow, we will go to the beautiful Lake Bin El Ouidane: 4 special stages are on the menu.

Stage 4: hanging on !

Thursday, May 16th 2013

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