Stage 5: managing the lead

Stage 5: managing the lead
The day before the finish, Philippe Gache is not willing to take a risk.  

With his comfortable lead on Vaison’s 504, the Mazda keeps on going gently.

The worst result is a 7th rank, the best is a 4th. There is nothing to complain about.

The performance from these last two days is Alain Deveza’s, he signed all the fastest times and ends up at the provisional 3th rank.

If it wasn’t for the problems at the beginning of the race, he would have been a serious candidate for victory.

Claude Ruiz-Picasso ends up the stage 36th in the general classification.

The last day will take us to Marrakesh in only 2 special stages.

But the last timed section is nearly 30km long. We will know tomorrow!

Stage 5: managing the lead

Saturday, May 18th 2013

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