Stage 6 : worst-case scenario …

Stage 6 : worst-case scenario …
There were only 2 special stages left to run. Everybody was ready to congratulate Philippe Gache and Nicolas Rivière at the finish of the last timed section.

But fate decided otherwise…

Driving as carefully as the previous day, nothing seemed to stop the Mazda RX7 from winning.

Before the start of the first timed section the two friends believed it was possible.

A few kilometers before the final finish a strange noise appears during braking. Is it a stone? No… when time to re-accelerate the car can’t move any more, the drive shaft just broke!

The last hopes are dying, the Mazda won’t start again, the race is done.

Needless to say, the deception is huge. We were so close but this is how the race is.

Bravo to all the Team. SMG kept the lead of the race from the first stage almost to the end.  

Bravo also to Claude Ruiz-Picasso and Benoit Couturier, the only crew representing the Team at finish in Marrakesh. The Porsche 911 is 37th.

See you next year!

Sunday, May 19th 2013

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