Top 10, winner in 2 wheel drive, they've made it!

Saturday 17th January - Leg 12 : Rosario - Buenos Aires
Outsider from the start on the Dakar 2015, the SMG Team wanted to honour its reputation of trouble maker among the manufacturers.
Despite the big deception due to the much to early retirements of both Malysz and Gache, smiles are on all the faces at the finish.
Ronan Chabot and Gilles Pillot have done the job !
Congratulations to both of them and to the whole PRB Opteven Team for this 3rd success in the 2 wheel drive category.
With the official Peugeot, the improving performances of the other Teams, it was not made from the start...
The last SMG Buggy is 10th overall, which was the goal : the famous Top 10. 
The last special reduced to 34 km do to the rains hasn't modified the rankings.
Some words of the crew at the finish :

Ronan Chabot : "It is difficult to make a perfect Dakar, but we were close to it. (...) A victory is always a big pleasure. We have the feeling to have done the job.(...) In front of such pilots and profesional teams, it was not won from the start! As a competitor, you always want more. But you must keep in mind that the best crews in the world are on the Dakar. (...) Day after day, the Dakar has made everybody being closer. The atmosphere inside the team reduced and turned towards only one single car will remain a great memory."

Gilles Pillot : "I've lived a nice race! We went back to a family atmosphere at the bivouac. Mechanics and drivers have all given the best of themselves. (...) We are very happy of this result. Facing an increasing level of competitors, if someone promised us such a result at the start, we would have had signed with both hands."

Thursday, January 29th 2015

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