Tour de Corse : our 4 cars at the finish!

Last Saturday, still under a great sun, the competitors of the 14th Tour de Corse Historique reached Porto-Vecchio after having run the 4 special stages of this last racing day.

Despite some adventures at the beginning of the race, the 4 SMG crews have crossed the finish line with smiles on their faces.

On this last stage we drove through the famous roads of the Castagniccia and the legendary passing of La Porta. The following stage, which was going from St Andrea di Cotone to Pianiccia, was the big turn of the rally. While Jeff Bérenguer had been leading from the start, he went off the road, offering the victory of this 2014 edition to Christophe Vaison, on his Lancia 037. The latest was followed by Alain Oreille on the Ascona 400 and by the Corsican Guy Fiori on a Ford Escort.

As far as SMG Team is concerned, the day ended up once again with no trouble. If we do not take the classification into account, the job is done : the cars have worked perfectly and the crews have taken a lot of pleasure!

Daniel Desbruères and Jean-Michel Gerome finish 22nd overall in VHC and 2nd of the G2 period... A good result on such a long race!

Catherine Desbruères and Eric Hélary are ranked a bit further, 35th out of 65.

After having re-started twice in super-rallye, Eric Clément and Fred Dewynter finish 62nd but realized a strong performance in the final lap times. On the 3 last special stages they were ranked 7th, 5th and 4th.

Claude Ruiz-Picasso and Sabrina De Castelli are 5th of the Classic Category won by the Belgian Alain Lopes.

A very nice rally that ends with a promise of Philippe Gache : coming back next year to fight at the top!

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Tuesday, October 14th 2014

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